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Previous Entry Wood Apr. 8th, 2007 @ 05:45 pm
It's Easter Sunday, a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, I want to go for a bike ride- and my husband is fast asleep in the dark in the bedroom.

Worse than that- there's a fucking bunny on my livejournal home page!!

I don't do bunnies.

I'm more than slightly grossed out.

In other things- I haven't got laid for days. And days. On Thursday, after the other guy blew me off, I went to the pool, and swam 60 lengths. My arms have been reminding me of it ever since, but I'm glad I finally did it. Not least because it calmed me down! I biked back home after, showered, and went down to see how my husband and 45 were getting on with their building. As it turned out, they'd forgotten a very important piece of wood, so my husband had to go off to get it.

As it was very dusty, I had the perfect excuse to go down whilst he was gone- with a glass of water in my hand. 45 drank half of it, shoved the basement door closed (I live in an apartment block), and told me to lift my tshirt up so he could see my tits. And then to lift it up higher. His hands were filthy, and I was nervous about him leaving marks on my clothes, but he just scooped my tits out of my bra, and sucked on my nipples for less than a minute before stepping back and undoing his pants. He then put his hands on my shoulders, pushed me down until I was squatting, and shoved his cock into my mouth.

We were right in front of the door. Nobody could have got in, as we were blocking it, but still, the feeling that people could be passing just the other side made me already very wet. And he was already almost completely hard.

I sucked on him for a minute or so, but we were both in a hurry- we didn't know how long my husband would be, nor whether anybody would be trying to come in. He pulled me up, and pushed me into our sub-division of the basement storage. With my back to him, I walked to the concrete wall, undid my pants, dropped them a bit, and put my hands on the wall. I heard him drop his pants further, and then his hands on my hips, pushing me down further so my ass stuck out further. I was wondering if he was going to fuck me, but he just shoved my asscheeks apart and stuck his cock up my ass.

Unluckily for him, it didn't hurt- all I wanted was him as deep inside me as he could get. Just a couple of thrusts, and I was already thinking that I was making too much noise, and ought to shove a handful of my hair into my mouth!

He fucked me for a couple of minutes, then stopped to tuck his tshirt back up so he could watch his cock move in and out of me- and then fucked me again, and then stopped again to deal with the tshirt- and lost it. Damn! He stepped back and pulled me back, around and down to suck his cock, but it didn't make much of a difference, so after a while I stopped. He was, of course, still tense- but it relaxed me a hell of a lot, even though of course I didn't have time to come, nor even long to enjoy it.
We grinned at each other, then I came back up. I went back down later with some food for him, but we didn't dare do anything, as we weren't sure when my husband would be back.

I commented to him that I hadn't done it in a basement in years- he said he'd never done it in a basement before. Thinking about it this morning, the last time for me was when I was still at school, when I was 17.

I'm spending the night with 45 on Tuesday, and I really can not wait. It feels like I haven't been fucked in weeks...

Yesterday we went over to 44's house, for lunch in the garden with him and his wife. God, but the guy still makes me horny as hell. Tall, dark, greying, big nose, strong, totally dominant... She turns me on some too- mainly because she's got huge tits at the moment, as she's 4-5 months pregnant, but she's too "clean" for me. I'm wondering whether I'm going to get him calling again- the only time I have managed to get him to fuck me was when she was 7 months pregnant last time, and they hadn't done it for 6 months...

He was making jokes about how naive she is, how she doesn't even know some words for sex-related things, and that he should send her to me for an internship. And I know there's all sorts of things she doesn't do, or took years to do. When he came to see me, he bent me over the living-room table and drilled my ass dry- and as he's bigger than 45, whom anyway I wasn't screwing back then, it hurt like hell, I was begging him to hang on and let me get used to it before pounding me. Not that he did, of course! After a while, though, he pulled out, spun me round and down onto my knees, and had me blow him.

He then moved back to the chesterfield, sat down, and kept me blowing him for what must have been an hour before he came. Fuck- but he'd hold my head and pound at my throat- I felt like I had bruises down inside my neck and mouth for about a week afterwards. And a good thing that I dragged a cushion down off the chesterfield and under my knees, or I'd never have lasted it out. At the end, he was jerking off into my face, whilst I was licking his asshole and sticking my tongue into it as far as I could, hard enough to make my jaw ache even more.

Still, even though I got no actual physical pleasure out of it (other than a load of come on my tongue), I really loved it. I'd wanted to screw him for about 7-8 years, so it was great to finally know what his cock really looked like! And to know how his hands on me felt, even though other than my hips and my face, he never touched me.

My husband knew about this (he was away at the time- I'd asked permission, and 44 had also checked with him), and I got spanked so hard when he came back (he was jealous as hell), I had bruises on my ass for a good two weeks.

You would think that once would be the thin end of the wedge, but he's told me several times since that it was only because 44 is such a good friend, and was going so nuts not getting any... and because 44 won't share, as in he won't fuck me at the same time as my husband. He says the idea just grosses him out (another spoil-sport). Anyway, I think it bothered my husband enough that it just reinforced his determination to not let anybody else fuck me without him being there to keep an eye on things.

I should have time over the next week to tell some more stories of my sordid past. I've promised My First Gang-Bang, also the tale of the night I spent with my cousin (many many years ago!), and I was lying in bed yesterday morning remembering no.3. If all goes to plan, I should be able to get the three done over the week. The question is- in which order? I'm guessing chronological order makes the most sense- in which case, it's going to be cousin, 3, and gang-bang. Respectively, ages 14, 15, and 16.

Woops! Husband just woke up!
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