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Previous Entry Twelve Mar. 26th, 2007 @ 05:32 pm Next Entry
I woke up this morning to find my body buzzing, my pussy with one message- "I need fucked". And it's one of those times when I want fucked nastily. I hardly even want to enjoy it- in fact, I'd far rather that I didn't. I want to be screwed- I want to be banged on my knees up against a wall, with my head bashing against the wall at every thrust, making me dizzy. I want leashed and collared, and whoever's fucking me to haul on the leash, suffocating me to make my holes tighter.

I want to be beaten. But not tied up and whipped- I want to be beaten up. I want to come out of it with a split lip and a black eye. I want to have my hair grabbed and my face smashed against the wall. I want to be held down whilst somebody uses a doubled-over belt on my thighs and ass and breasts and belly. I want to be punched- and when I fall to the floor and curl up, I want to be kicked. I want to lie sobbing on the floor, gasping for breath, and be forced to get back onto my knees, and take more.

And then I want to be thrown into a corner, and left there until I'm to be used.

I don't want to enjoy it. I want it to hurt.

Because the thought of it makes me soaking wet.

I did get laid this weekend, so I'm not quite sure why I'm so horny. And it was good sex too, albeit a matrimonial event. Although I suspect it started last night, when my husband and I went to see our neighbours, and 45 was visiting them. He and I shared one look- and the only thing I could think of was his fist crashing into my cheek. It reminded me of a time when he came over for dinner when my husband was there, I got a bit drunk and took him to look at something- and ended up lying at his feet while he put his booted foot on my neck. I thought I would melt into the floor...

After we came home, it was the only thing I could think of. As I wasn't working this morning, I was on chat. I wasn't expecting him to come on, but he did. As it turns out, he got fired this morning, and as my husband is leaving tonight until Thursday, I invited him over to celebrate/work his anger out on me. Oh god, I hope it works out for once. I want to hurt so much! But I've only got until Thursday to heal... Fortunately, I was lucky (as I am so often), and went into my husband's office this morning when I came out of the shower to show him all the bruises I have on me. I swear that I don't know where most of them come from. The big one on my leg, I got from my bike, another one on my leg I suspect the same, but the little tri-dots on my right arm, repeated in three places? Fucked if I know. They just materialised. So any new bruises on Thursday night, if they're not too obtrusive, i can probably get away with. And I have managed to hid whip marks for two weeks, even whilst sleeping naked and showering with the bathroom door open, so I'm optimistic.

We'll still have to be careful. But if I'm lucky, at least I'll get slapped around a bit.

On Saturday night, my husband and I had a Formal Family Dinner to go to. I thought I was going to have to go buy an outfit to wear, but I was lucky (I hate clothes shopping), and remembered that I did actually have a dress which I could wear. So instead of wasting a morning in shops, getting more and more pissed off, we went to see 300 with 44 instead. Mm. He's as sexy as ever. Tall, grey hair, big nose, smart... Umm. I got to sit between he and my husband, and got quite worked up. Even more so as I'd also woken up that morning thinking about getting screwed. However, two hours later, I was totally sated. My god, what a film! It was so pretty! If I could come purely from visuals, then I probably would have several times over. I intend to go see it again over the next couple of weeks.

In the evening, therefore, I dressed up. Stockings (the ones with the come stains on them), suspender belt, silk v-necked top, wrap dress, and high-heeled boots. Hair pinned up and back, and full make-up. My husband hasn't seen me look that good in months- and I'll agree, I looked really fucking hot! So he took pics. I'd put them up, but... Hah- he got hard just taking them. I looked over and he was sitting on the floor with a big hard-on sticking through the leg of his boxers!

Off out for dinner, and I got a huge hug and kiss from my delighted father-in-law, who then spent the rest of the evening grinning at me from the other side of the table, whilst several waiters did their best to stare down my cleavage. Which my husband also noticed, and found very amusing. It certainly amused me... but then I always find that amusing. Even more so as my tits were definitely sticking up and out! I had the perfect bra on...

We got home very late- or rather very early, as it was almost 3 a.m. We got to bed, and my husband was feeling amorous- however, due to the fact that we'd actually eaten 13 courses, neither of us had the strength to actually have sex! I was stuffed, and my husband was walking like an old man! He really wanted to, as I'd been so hot, so he jerked off on my ass, and then rubbed it in all over.

Sunday morning we had to get up early, and so we didn't have sex then. But mid-afternoon, having had some lunch and a walk, we went to bed. I snuck under the covers just wearing his favourite underwear set- black with flowers outlined in white, and he got in naked. Coming up to me, he started to knead my tits, pulling on my nipples through the bra. I was ready to once more have to fake being turned on- and suddenly realised that in fact, I wasn't turned off! I wasn't turned on either by him- but I wasn't already thinking- oh god, I hope this doesnt' take too long! You bet that I was pleased- so pleased that I pulled him over onto me, and let him kiss me. But only once.

He kept on tweaking my nipples, and I pulled my bra down enough so that he could scoop my tits out. Looking above his shoulder, I saw the time... Then I felt his cock against my thigh, so I reached down and placed the head against my clit, over my panties. I kept him rubbing against me there until I was moaning, not letting him move, and swaying up and down in the bed, rubbing the head against me, pressing.  It felt so good that very fast I was ready to shove his cock into me, but I didn't want to yet. I wanted to really want it- I was hoping I'd get all wet and slippery.

After a few minutes, however, I told him to take my panties off, after which he came back down onto me, and I went on rubbing him against me, first over the lips of my cunt, and then, reaching down and discovering that, to my sadness, I wasn't wet at all, so rubbing some saliva over my clit, I kept on holding him on me, until he was really fucking my clit with the head of his cock. I still didn't let him move, so he concentrated on feeling my tits, sucking on my nipples gently until I told him to do it harder- and even then, it wasn't hard enough. But still a lot better, and not so much of a turn-off!

When I really couldn't stand it any more, I moved his cock down, and rested it against my hole. Keeping a finger on my clit, I let him slide in just a little way- just the head, and then fuck me like that, not putting any more in. I had my eyes tight shut by this time, and the deliberate tease of just having the head of his glorious, long cock in me was driving me crazy. I wanted to shove my hips down hard and swallow all of him, but I kept on holding myself back, eventually letting him put a little bit more in me, but not more than another inch. Mm, but it still felt so good just to feel that little inch or two being fucked and stretched!

Finally- "Oh god, just stick it up me!" - You want it all the way, baby? - Yes daddy, stick it up me! Make me come! - You want it all in you? You want daddy to come in you? - Oh god, yes! Yes! Do it to me, daddy! - I'm coming, baby, I'm coming up you...

And I still had my hand on my cunt, grinding my clit, and I was howling into his shoulder, not even words, just a long Ooooohh, and I came once hard, then once again just as hard, as though it were a part of the first one, and then again, and again, with him all the way up me and filling my cunt the whole way along. And maybe I came again, still howling and him pumping at my cunt, buried in me, and his come finally spurting up so that I could use that as lube to rub my clit even harder. When I stopped coming, he lay back down on me. I thought- I really must blog about this- and the thought made me come again, hard, twice. Wow. Just the thought of blogging how he fucked me made me come! And bite his shoulder quite hard.

My husband cheats, however- he almost always wears a tshirt when we fuck, so that if I bite or scratch, he doesn't get hurt!

I then looked up at the clock- and realised the whole thing had only taken twelve minutes. I may not want to fuck my husband any more- but he can still make me come like a screaming slut.

Anyway, 45 is coming over tonight. I'm looking forward very much to this contract coming to an end on Friday, because I need a change. I want some fresh cock in me... I want a different fuck.

But I'm still looking forward very much to getting hurt tonight!
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