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I'm just home after spending the night out with my Usual Lover. A… - Adult Friend Finders - The games we play

About I'm just home after spending the night out with my Usual Lover. A…

Previous Entry Feb. 21st, 2007 @ 09:48 am Next Entry
I'm just home after spending the night out with my Usual Lover. A night during which I suddenly figured out what to call my various random partners, as I do hate the word "lover". Even more so when used for someone whom I don't love! I thought "Well, why not numbers?" And so Usual Lover will now be No.45, as he's the 45th man I've had sex with.

I got to his place just a few minutes after 8 yesterday evening. I was early, so I had to take my time walking down his street, which of course gave me time to think about what was going to happen, and start creaming some more. As though I hadn't spent the day getting more and more worked up!

Went up to his apartment, and scratched on the door. He opened it, I went in, put my bag down, hung my coat up, took my shoes off, took my pants off, pulled my shirt down so that it covered my stocking tops, and started to rub myself against him. I saw my collar and leash were out and ready, the dog-cushion was out, and I was feeling all ready to be pinned down and fucked right there in the hall.

Instead, we went into the living-room, where he wanted to show me something. It was right next to the coffee table, so of course I bent over that to look at what he was showing me, arching my back. As soon as he stood up he put his and on my ass, and stroked my cheeks a little. Then he pulled my panties aside, shoving them into my crack, and started to spank me. He always hits me hard, even at the beginning, but he rarely strikes the same place twice running, so I can usually bear it for quite a while before I start squirming and trying to move my ass away from him! Although sometimes he deliberately hits my upper thighs, which are so much more sensitive that just one slap has me almost yelping.

He only spanked me a few minutes, as, unfortunately, I can't hide any bruises this week. Somehow, he manages to bruise my ass with just his hand... But next week, if we see each other on Monday, he'll be able to be a bit harsher. Thank God- we're both going mad, waiting for a time when he can really go to town on my body, the way he has in the past, when I've spent weeks hiding the fact that my ribcage looks like leopard skin, where the ends of the whip have hit me, and my ass is one big purple bruise.

After he stopped, he started undoing his belt, but as he didn't pull it out of the loops, I immediately kneeled and took his cock in my mouth. He's not circumcised, and I love to suck on him gently for a minute before pushing the foreskin back with my lips, and taking his head on my tongue. I sucked him my way for a few minutes, moving up and down, sometimes just keeping the head in my mouth and sucking hard or swirling my tongue over it, sometimes bobbing my head backwards and forwards as fast as I could, either keeping my lips slack or tight, sometimes going as far down as I could, taking almost all of him, and rubbing my tongue against his shaft. Then he grabbed my head and started to fuck my face, shoving himself right to the back of my throat so I gagged a few times, which of course he loves, as I then have even more saliva in my mouth.

For a while he held me by my hair, pulling my head backwards and forwards, telling me what a lovely little bitch I was. And then he told me to show him my ass. I knew what he wanted, so I moved over and knelt on the chesterfield with my back to him. He doesn't usually take my underwear off, except for my bra when he wants to play with my tits, and this was no exception, as he just shoved my panties aside and stuck his cock straight up my ass.

It wasn't very painful, not as much as it can be, so I started moving on him myself, rocking backwards and forwards on my hands and knees. He told me what a slut I was, grabbed my hips, and started to pound me. I let my shoulders drop to the chesterfield, and slid one hand under my panties to play with my clit. I was already moaning, and after a few minutes, when he started really ramming me, I was almost screaming. Then he started to pull out almost all the way, just leaving the foreskin behind to guide him back in, and started working on my hole, just fucking the opening, which of course made me beg him to shove it all the way back up me. He did a few times, but kept on working my hole, telling me how loose I was.

He pulled out, and pulled my ass open so he could look at my hole. "You're wide open", he told me. He slid one finger up me, and then two. That's the most I can usually take, but for some reason, yesterday, I was really loose. So whilst I continued to play with my clit, and, as I could hear, he jerked off, he asked me if I wanted another one. Of course I did, I love feeling stretched there! So another finger went up my ass... and then another. Four fingers up me. I haven't done that in years. I begged him to tell me what he could see, and he said he could see his fingers disappearing up my ass, right up to the palm. It felt so good! And then he brought his cock back up, and slid it in me before pulling his fingers out.

My God- it felt as though his cock was even longer than usual. It felt double the length! He was fucking my ass like it was a pussy, pounding on me, holding my cheeks wide open so he could watch his cock disappear up me, and I was almost about to come, even though that's a position that I can almost never come in. Sometimes his cock popped out, but he shoved it straight back in without even having to guide it: just aim and push!

Up me all the way... and I heard him start to gasp the way he always does when he is about to come, so I pushed back hard at him. And he came, buried so far up my ass that it almost hurt to think he was going to come all the way back out.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, him pushing gently against me and shuddering, and then he came out and lay down next to me. Total time since arrival, not more than half an hour.

We lay there panting for a bit, then talked for a while, about 20 minutes, until he was ready to go again. He wanted to fuck my pussy this time, so I cleaned him up with my tongue first, making him hard. Not that there was much to clean up; I wouldn't have been that loose if there had been anything in me! All he tasted of was come. Then I took my panties off. I still had my bra, suspender belt and stockings on, of course.

He rolled me over onto my back, knelt between my thighs, and, this hole, had to fight a little bit to get in. Not because I was dry, far from it, I was creaming all over, but because my lips always stick together until the first time. Because of his size, I always have to bring my legs right up, my knees near my shoulders, so he can get all the way in. With my  husband, who is twice his size, I don't have to do this until right at the end, when I just want cock as deep in me as it can get!

He fucked me a minute, maybe two, before I licked a finger, and reached down to play with my clit. Fortunately, he's not one of those guys who doesn't like it if you do that when they're fucking you! This time it was really simple and basic, he just fucked me until he came. I'd hoped that I could manage to come at the same time as he did, but I wasn't quite ready, so I faked it. But then he stayed in me, gasping, and the come bubbling up gave me just enough to dip my finger in so it slid better over my clit, and I came really hard, my head arching back, swear-words pouring from my lips, howling loud enough for the whole street to hear me.

This happens often enough that I know that my muscle spasms will shove him out of me, which usually cuts off my orgasm like throwing a light switch, but not this time, so I made myself come again, in about 3 seconds, and then collapsed.

Looking at the clock over his shoulder, I saw that from entry to orgasm, it was 8 minutes. Really not fucking bad!

Again we lay and talked for a while, maybe about an hour this time, and then he got up to get us both drinks. He told me about saying goodbye to his girlfriend at the airport on Sunday, and how he misses her already. We talked about how he can work on the relationship when she gets back, as he wants to settle down with her and maybe have kids. Life, work, that sort of shit.

I was still horny, as the more I fuck, the more I want to fuck, so I was teasing him, rubbing against him, flicking his nipples, biting his shoulder gently, until he said "Ride me", and I got on top. He loves it when I go on top, because I can use my inner muscles on him more easily, and also because that way my tits swing in front of his face, and he can play with them and bite my nipples. I like it because not only is he thick enough that I can ride him for ages without my knees hurting, which isn't the case with my husband, but also I can keep him hard for a long while before making him come. Which is definitely not the case in any other position. If he's hard for too long without coming, he loses his erection, usually.

So I sat myself down on him, and folded a cushion to put behind his head, whilst I rested my weight on the arm of the chesterfield just above his head. He started to play with my tits, and I told him to take my bra off. Then he started to suck on my nipples, and slap my breasts a little. Not as much as I wanted, but I had to stop him, as they bruise more easily than the rest of me!

I moved up and down on him, squeezing the head of his cock inside every time it got deep, sometimes leaning right over him, sometimes angling myself right back with my weight on my fists resting on his thighs. At the end, he was holding my ass cheeks again, and telling me how great it would be for me to have a cock up my ass at the same time, maybe even a cock in my mouth. I told him that it would be better if the cock was being jerked off in front of me, and came all over my face and tits, and that tipped him over, and he came again. I didn't this time, but then I hadn't planned to.

I kept him in me, another benefit of doing it with me on top, teasing him by keeping him semi-hard by rocking backwards and forth a little, but after another 5-10 minutes or so, I was "nice", and got off. And passed him his drink. As usual, he said something about how each orgasm seems to be more powerful than the previous one. One time, smashing my previous record, we did it 13 times in 18 hours, and he was going nuts at the end. No come left in him, just dry orgasms, but each one, he said, was like an earthquake.

On our sides again, talking for about an hour, estimating how many times we've fucked over the last 14 months. We think twice a week, and usually at least twice every time, so 240 times. He then decided to work out how much come that made, and came up with a figure of three pints of beer! Men!

Then the final fuck before going to bed. I'd been teasing him (I did a lot of that, looking back. I don't remember the last time I was so playful!) about how a while back, on one of the nights we spent together, he'd fucked my ass in the middle of the night when I didn't expect him to, and how he'd "raped" me. So he decided to show me that he hadn't really... and also to find out if my ass was still as loose.

I rolled onto my stomach, and lifted one leg up to the side. He knelt between my thighs, and slid up my ass again. For me, it felt that I was tighter, but maybe it was just the position. For sure, with all the come and cream in my crack, I was slippery as hell! This time again he didn't take long, maybe 10 minutes, and I didn't bother playing with myself. Much!

As it was almost 1 o'clock, we then got up, showered, and went to bed.

We slept with my ass against his crotch, but not touching in any other way. I had a weird dream about a guy I knew in high school, but never fucked then. But of course, in this dream, I did.

His alarm clock went off at 7. We held each other for a few minutes, stroking each other's body, and then, although I wasn't planning it, I reached down and held his balls, cupping them and rolling them around in my hand. I don't think I've ever known him get hard so fast! I started to jerk him off, which was fun. I need to practice more at that, because I can't always make a guy come doing it. I think maybe I squeeze too hard. Or maybe not enough!

I was leaning over him, and he pushed my head down, but although I rubbed it against my cheek, I didn't open my mouth, as it was all dry from sleep. I wanted to make him come on my face or my tits, even though I knew there wouldn't be much left. Instead, he decided he wanted to fuck, so he rolled onto me and I spread. Unfortunately, he lost it after a few minutes, so we gave up, as it was already getting late for him.

He showered, whilst I got dressed in yesterday's clothes.  Stockings and underwear first, and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth like that. He liked seeing that when he pulled back the shower drape, and said that it was a nice thing to see early in the morning. I then finished getting dressed, gave him a kiss before he had his coffee, and came home.

That was definitely a satisfying night! I should see him again on Thursday, if all goes well.
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