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April 8th, 2007 - Adult Friend Finders - The games we play

About April 8th, 2007

Wood 05:45 pm

We grinned at each other, then I came back up. I went back down later with some food for him, but we didn't dare do anything, as we weren't sure when my husband would be back.

I commented to him that I hadn't done it in a basement in years- he said he'd never done it in a basement before. Thinking about it this morning, the last time for me was when I was still at school, when I was 17.

I'm spending the night with 45 on Tuesday, and I really can not wait. It feels like I haven't been fucked in weeks...

I should have time over the next week to tell some more stories of my sordid past. I've promised My First Gang-Bang, also the tale of the night I spent with my cousin (many many years ago!), and I was lying in bed yesterday morning remembering no.3. If all goes to plan, I should be able to get the three done over the week. The question is- in which order? I'm guessing chronological order makes the most sense- in which case, it's going to be cousin, 3, and gang-bang. Respectively, ages 14, 15, and 16.

Woops! Husband just woke up!
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