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» Wood

We grinned at each other, then I came back up. I went back down later with some food for him, but we didn't dare do anything, as we weren't sure when my husband would be back.

I commented to him that I hadn't done it in a basement in years- he said he'd never done it in a basement before. Thinking about it this morning, the last time for me was when I was still at school, when I was 17.

I'm spending the night with 45 on Tuesday, and I really can not wait. It feels like I haven't been fucked in weeks...

I should have time over the next week to tell some more stories of my sordid past. I've promised My First Gang-Bang, also the tale of the night I spent with my cousin (many many years ago!), and I was lying in bed yesterday morning remembering no.3. If all goes to plan, I should be able to get the three done over the week. The question is- in which order? I'm guessing chronological order makes the most sense- in which case, it's going to be cousin, 3, and gang-bang. Respectively, ages 14, 15, and 16.

Woops! Husband just woke up!
» Twelve
I woke up this morning to find my body buzzing, my pussy with one message- "I need fucked". And it's one of those times when I want fucked nastily. I hardly even want to enjoy it- in fact, I'd far rather that I didn't. I want to be screwed- I want to be banged on my knees up against a wall, with my head bashing against the wall at every thrust, making me dizzy. I want leashed and collared, and whoever's fucking me to haul on the leash, suffocating me to make my holes tighter.

» Nauseam
OMG, I finally got some matrimonial sex! It's only taken me all weekend to get him away from the computer/his friends and give me some attention.

Really long explanationsCollapse )

Just the sexCollapse )

Jeez, this is way longer than I planned. Blame it on a rainy Sunday evening!
» Visions
After spending the afternoon cybersexing with the Photographer, I was soaking wet. I'd oozed right through my underwear and my velvet pants! So when 45 came over, I was all ready to be fucked. Past ready, in fact.

He dressed, kissed me, and sneaked off. I got up to lock the door, and lay there awake about ten minutes, running over everything again. My neighbours left for work 6 minutes later, making me wonder whether they'd heard the door open and maybe looked out! I hope not, although of course, I have an excuse/reason all prepared for if they ever do see something.

My husband is home tonight, and will be around all weekend, so there will be no posts until Monday. I can't afford to have him walk past when I have a window open!
» (No Subject)
I'm just home after spending the night out with my Usual Lover. A night during which I suddenly figured out what to call my various random partners, as I do hate the word "lover". Even more so when used for someone whom I don't love! I thought "Well, why not numbers?" And so Usual Lover will now be No.45, as he's the 45th man I've had sex with.

I got to his place just a few minutes after 8 yesterday evening. I was early, so I had to take my time walking down his street, which of course gave me time to think about what was going to happen, and start creaming some more. As though I hadn't spent the day getting more and more worked up!

He showered, whilst I got dressed in yesterday's clothes.  Stockings and underwear first, and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth like that. He liked seeing that when he pulled back the shower drape, and said that it was a nice thing to see early in the morning. I then finished getting dressed, gave him a kiss before he had his coffee, and came home.

That was definitely a satisfying night! I should see him again on Thursday, if all goes well.
I had to join your community because I know exactly what you mean!!
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