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After spending the afternoon cybersexing with the Photographer, I was soaking wet. I'd oozed right through my underwear and my velvet pants! So when 45 came over, I was all ready to be fucked. Past ready, in fact.

He was here semi-officially, by which I mean that my husband knew he was here, although as far as he is/was concerned, we had dinner and watched a movie. Usually I leave the door open for him so the neighbours don't hear the bell ringing, but this time I covered up my underwear, and opened when he rang. Formal greetings, then he came in, I closed the door, and he stuck his tongue down my throat.

We sat on the chesterfield, and he looked at some porn that I got recently, whilst I turned the pages for him. Comic-book porn is a wonderful thing: improbable positions, incredibly perfect bodies that don't make you feel inadequate because, after all, it's "just" a drawing, and come spurting all over.

After going through one of the volumes, he reached for my tits and started to squeeze them through my shirt. He has a gift for finding my nipples straight away. This may seem obvious, but sometimes underwear seems to be designed so that your nipples end up pointing towards your inner elbow, just to fill the cups properly!

I leant back against the chesterfield, and he pushed my shirt above my breasts, kissing the tops of them where they weren't covered by the bra. Then, using his teeth to hold my skin (ouch! but so pleasurable!), he pulled the cup down, and started to suck on my nipples, moving from one to the other, and twisting the one he wasn't suckling.

He has a fantasy of suckling on me when my tits are full of milk. Fortunately, I share this, so sometimes,  like this time, I tell him about how he's going to come see me after I've had a kid and empty my breasts. And tell him how my breasts will be even bigger then than the 36DD they are now.

He sucked on me for a while, and then stuck his hand between my thighs. He was very amused to find that I was as wet as I said I was, and teased me about being a horny slut for a few minutes, before deciding that he definitely wanted to lick my cunt.

I stood up, took my pants off, leaving my panties on, and lifted my shirt off completely. But I tucked my breasts back in, as I can't help imagining that they don't look so pretty, poking over the tops of the cups like that. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've never been able to see myself looking nice in my  head with them like that. Sat back down, my ass at the edge of the seat, and he stood between my thighs for a moment, whilst I rubbed my head against his belly. I love that he's not skinny, that he has a belly. It turns me on to stroke it and lick it and rub my tits against it... He has this fantastic little round ass too, and heavily-muscled shoulders, arms, and thighs. But the belly is just fantastic, round and firm as though he was 6 months pregnant.

I could feel his cock against my tits whilst I licked his stomach, so I squooshed myself against him so he could feel them too, and then lay back. He knelt down, and pulled my panties to the side. I reached down and held them out of his way, and he stuck his tongue right between my lips. God, but he's good at that. He licks me all over, and never sucks my clit too hard, sticks his tongue in my hole (although, admittedly, not as far as my husband can), back up, over my clit again, nibbles the lips, pulling on them gently with his teeth, back in with his lips around my clit and his tongue humming against it. Then he stuck one finger up my cunt, and fucked me gently with it. By this time, I had my free hand pushing against his freshly-shaven head, pulling him into me hard.

Of course, he then tried to stick a finger up my ass. I moved back on the seat, trying to arch my body so that he wouldn't be able to, but my asshole is so tame that I couldn't stop him, and it went straight up. Giving up, I moved forward, so he could finger-fuck me. My left hand was moving up and down from his head to my tits to pinch and twist my nipples, and only the fact that I'm sure the downstairs neighbours can hear everything that goes on in the living room was keeping me quiet.

I didn't come like this, as I rarely do, but I let him think that I had. He looked up at me and grinned, leant forward, kissed my stomach, reached for a breast, but I pulled his head up and licked his mouth and chin clean. He asked me if I wanted to fuck, and I said yes, suggesting that we move to the bedroom. I really like doing it in the living-room, as the hard floor means that I don't bounce so much when he fucks me, but I was cold and wanted to do it under the sheets.

We walked into the bedroom, and I dropped my panties. Having to hold them to the side distracts both of us too much! He took his tshirt off, and I knelt down in front of him next to the bed. He undid his belt whilst I watched, unzipped, and pulled his cock out. I sucked on it without pushing the foreskin back, as I think I always do first. Most cocks I've had have been circumcised, so his foreskin is still a novelty to me. Then I pushed it back, and put him all the way into my mouth. I was sort of upright on my knees, but I tilted myself back so I was coming from below, my back in a curve, and my ass sticking out behind where he could see it. He held my head, moving himself in and out for a few strokes, then told me to suck him all the way down. When he was really hard, I stopped, got up, and knelt on all fours on the bed, with my back to him.

Of course, he went straight for my ass, pushing up me. I stayed on my hands and knees instead of going down onto my shoulders so I could play with my clit, and, looking over my shoulder, told him that he was fucking his little whore, his slut, his bitch. And he should fuck her hard, because it was all she deserved, he should ride her ass, pound his cock into her hole... I could feel my cunt dripping again, and asked him to reach around and touch me. He felt my cunt, rubbing a finger on my clit, telling me how wet I was, but then went back up again so he could ride me hard.

It's been a while since he straddled my ass to do me. I really must suggest that to him next time there's a reflective surface nearby that I can watch him fuck me in.

Still telling him about how he should fill my ass right up with his cock, and how I was going to suck him and lick him when he came out, I came down onto my shoulders, and started to play with my clit. This is the position it gets hardest, and biggest in. Normally it's really small, not even a few millimetres across, but when he does me like this, my cunt opens wide, and I can feel the base of my clit, and find that it's a pyramid, with what usually is all I can see and feel only the top. I don't usually need more than one finger to play with myself, but last night I had two fingers, one either side, stroking up and down the sides.

Again, I didn't come, but I was moaning and shoving back against him, telling him about my clit and how big and hard it was, until he came up me. He stayed in my ass, moving a little bit. His head is so sensitive, unlike circumcised guys, that this is almost unbearable for him, he says, to move after he's come. I told him to reach around again and touch my clit, and he was amazed.

He pulled out, and I spun right around, and went down on his cock, swallowing it all the way. I knew I was empty, so why not? And I do like the taste; his come, and a little bitter background.

I sucked him a bit, but I didn't want him to get hard again right away, so we took a break, got up, got dressed again, and had dinner.

After dinner we sat down to chat, but after a while he was reaching for my tits again, so I suggested we go talk in bed, where we could fuck without having to get up again.

In bed he went straight for my tits again, and we got back into the fantasy of them being full of milk. The idea is that he'll come to suckle me, and I'll sit on his lap with his cock up my ass at the same time, and when I'm empty, he'll come up me, to fill me up again. I took my bra off, so he could really feel all of them, without having anything in the way. I was lying on my back, holding his head against them, and he rolled over to be on top of me. He wasn't very hard, but I held him against my cunt, rubbing my clit with him, still telling him the details of the fantasy, and he got harder and harder until, from what wasn't more than slightly enjoyable, his cock against my clit was utterly delicious.

I didn't mean to have him fuck my cunt; I meant to stick him straight up my ass as I lay on my back, but I let go of him for a second or two, and he stuck it straight into me. It felt really good, after all, a cock up the cunt is nothing that I'll ever say no to, but it wasn't what I wanted, and I told him I wanted him up my ass. He told me to put it up there myself, if that was what I wanted, so I did.

As he's not as long as my husband, I had to lift my legs up to get to a position where I could get him into me. My husband's cock is long enough for him to fuck my ass when I'm on my back almost as though he were fucking my cunt, but he's the only guy I know who can do that. I held his slippery cock against me, and it missed a couple of times, sliding back up towards the other hole, but I got it into me the third try.

This is my favourite position for anal. I love doing it this way. I always come, very quickly, often really hard, often more than once. And this time, well, wow.

I think I started coming about a minute later. He was fucking me, I had one finger on my clit, and I'd kept my legs slightly down from the height I usually have them at, because the sheets were too tight for me to lift them higher. Because of this, instead of coming in straight, it felt like his cock was a V-shape- in, and then bending to go along further. Oh God! It was... Spectacular is the only word I can use. I told him I was about to start to come, and he said something I don't remember, because I was already starting off. I came, and then came again, and probably a third time. Normally he comes too at this point, and my ass spasms squeeze him straight out, which cuts me off, but he didn't. I was clinging to his shoulder with my free arm, moaning No, no, no, stop, I can't, but he kept on fucking me, and I felt that V-shape in me, and just kept on coming. I've never had such a long orgasm in my life before!

The only thing that was cutting me down was that I was having to keep real quiet, in case the neighbours the other side, whose bed is just the other side of the wall from mine, heard me. But I really think that I couldn't have come any harder without passing out. Or dying. Or something.

He then said that he was going to come, so I jerked down harder on him, my finger rubbing myself frantically, elt him coming up me, and felt my final spasm.

We collapsed, him on top of me, whilst normally he always keeps his weight off me. I wish he'd do that more often, it felt wonderful.

It was as though somebody had cut my legs off, there was no way I could move. We lay there for a few minutes, both of us amazed. After he got off, I asked him how long he'd thought I'd come for, and we agreed that it seemed to be for about 1 or 2 minutes!

He decided that he should probably fuck me in that position more often.

I was completely wrecked, mumbling things about the assassination of my sex-drive, whereas he was feeling very pleased with himself and ready to do it again! At least, his head was ready. After about 5 minutes, he was already starting to reach for me, so I shoved him over onto his back and put my head on his chest, so he couldn't get at me. Lying on my side, I realised I was desperate to go to the bathroom. No doubt that that helped. I've noticed in the past that the urge to pee, when you keep your muscles tight to suppress it, is a serious enhancer of orgasms. I told him this, giggling, and that there was no way I had the strength to get up and go.

He kept on reaching for me, but I was, honestly, and amazingly, just not ready for it yet, so I kept on pushing him away. I then decided to jerk him off, so put my hand on his cock and played with him until he got hard again. He asked if I'd changed my mind about fucking again, and I said No, but I would jerk him off, that way I didn't have to. Of course, it didn't work out- he wouldn't let me make him come, and started to joke about having to rape me, if I didn't want to. This started to get me a bit warmed up again, so I made a very feeble effort at begging for mercy.

I don't think he had the strength to make the effort of pinning me down, however, so after a while, still complaining about how he'd killed me, and I just couldn't, I rolled over onto my side, sticking my ass out against him. He rubbed his cock between my cheeks for about a minute, and then stuck it up me again. I didn't even bother sticking my hand between my thighs, so sure that I wasn't in the mood, but he grabbed onto my hips, and was pumping me hard enough to make me start moaning. Again.

He didn't last long, only a couple of minutes, and we lay like that, him curled against my back, for a few minutes, until we both started yawning. We decided it was time to sleep, so got up, did the necessary, and got back into bed.

That third time had destroyed him, but for some reason, it had woken me right up, and I was ready again. He was tired, though, so I lay next to him, telling him a fantasy I have about him. I'll put that in some day when I haven't much to tell! He stroked himself, and I felt him harden a little against my thigh, but we were both tired enough to decide just to go to sleep instead of trying for a fourth time. He did mention how great it is to be able to do it so many times; back when we started fucking, he was happy if he could manage it twice! And now, we rarely do it that little, unless we only  have an hour or so.

We slept, spoon style.

I woke up to find his hands on my ass, and, as I was 3/4 on my side, he flattened me out onto my stomach, and got between my thighs to fuck me. This always wakes me up totally immediately, so I lifted my ass up so he could get into me. I was wondering if he was going to go up my ass again, but no, he fucked my cunt. It takes me at least 5 minutes for my body to wake up, so I just lay there, making the odd squeak. Especially when he tried to get up me- my lips were closed tight, and he was hitting my perineum for a while, which really hurt! But he likes the idea of using me when I don't want him, so I didn't make any effort to help him, nor to pretend I was enjoying it.

Like the other morning, he lost his hard-on before coming, so rolled off me, and held me, stroking my back, belly and breasts for a few minutes, until his cell went off and he had to get up and leave.

He dressed, kissed me, and sneaked off. I got up to lock the door, and lay there awake about ten minutes, running over everything again. My neighbours left for work 6 minutes later, making me wonder whether they'd heard the door open and maybe looked out! I hope not, although of course, I have an excuse/reason all prepared for if they ever do see something.

My husband is home tonight, and will be around all weekend, so there will be no posts until Monday. I can't afford to have him walk past when I have a window open!
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